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Kylo Ren Live Wallpaper

  • works even on older devices
  • supports images, videos and gifs
  • supports a number of filters like blur, sepia, brighten, darken and more
  • no interaction on tapping
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In Star Wars universe red lighsabers are usually owned by evil warriors, contrary to the blue ones, that Jedi knights possess. A lightsaber is an elegant weapon but in trained hands it is lethal. Its 'blade' is made up of an energy force generated by a handle and can cut through almost everything.

Kylo Ren featured in this Android live wallpaper has such a sword. He worships Darth Vader, and thus he wears some kind of a mask that is similar to what his master wore.

Turn your Android phone into Star Wars device! Place Kylo Ren Live Wallpaper now for free on your Android screen! Be sure to check out other amazing free live wallpapers with super heroes!