Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Pretty Sana Live Wallpaper  


Sana, featured in this Android live wallpaper, is a famous Japanese singer and member of Twice group  

Corndog Live Wallpaper  


A mind-blowing and insaneously funny Android live wallpaper for ya! It features flying corndogs, a f  

FBI OPEN UP Live Wallpaper  


Minimalistic live wallpaper featuring a lady in a formal uniform with an FBI badge on her jacket. Th  

Waving Mei Overwatch Wallpaper  


What a funny super hero live wallpaper inspired by award-winning video game from Blizzard. Simple bl  

Vaporwave Trumpets GIF Wallpaper  


Trendy live wallpaper featuring a guy wearing a plain gray T-shirt and trying hard to play a lot of  

Cute Alpaca Live Wallpaper  


Funny alpaca standing in front of the camera and staring at you. If you have ever sung a song "LLama  

Funny Goat Wallpaper  


A closeup of a goat's face & eyes staring at you! If you have a sense of humour or you're a fan  

Dat Boi Wallpaper  


Meet a frog riding a unicycle - Dat Boi. With our funny live wallpaper we allow every Android meme f  

Easter Bunny Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

A cute, little bunny sitting on the grass, staring at the photographer with his huge eyes. According