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Choose animated gif image or an mp4 movie to be used as a next live moving wallpaper. It can weigh up to 30MB. Examples of our cool phone backgrounds include a variety of love live wallpapers. Another great idea is to focus on a dominating color as in our black and blue or pastel backgrounds. You can also find inspiration looking at more conventional winter wallpapers for Android or dreamy space phone wallpapers. The source file should have portrait dimensions. We target a wide range of Android phones.
Check if you want us to create a set of assets required to upload an app to Google Play. These include an icon (512x512px), 3 screenshots (480x800px), a wide header image (1024x500px, a collage of screenshots). The final .apk file will be packed together with these assets as .zip archive.
Provide us with important details to describe final app file that will be distributed:
Required. This name will be visible to users. As you can see we suffix App Name on Android with 'Live Wallpaper'. We remove any occurence of these words from name entered by you because search engines may rank down if they find app pages' titles stuffed with those words.
Live Wallpaper
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Provide us with your unique AdMob ad unit ids. In exchange for building for you a Live Wallpaper App we split generated income on two: 70% goes to you and remaining 30% is a small reward for us.
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