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Glowing Heart Wallpaper

Holiday / Festival

Holy Spirit Live Wallpaper  


White pigeon flying above brown leaves, surrounded by gold glitter. An elegant vertical wallpaper fo  

Northern Lights Live Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Two men sitting on the ice, looking at the beautiful landscape with snowy hills and aurora in the sk  

Dusk Ocean Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

A landscape view of a huge ship mooring in the middle of a sea or ocean. Shades of gold that dominat  

Candle Phone Wallpaper  


Awesome phone wallpaper presenting a single green candle that burns with a high bright flame. It lig  

Yin Yang Live Wallpaper  


A pretty phone wallpaper presenting the Yin & Yang symbol with a gold glitter background. In Chi  

Red Heart Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

Minimalistic design of a red animated heart surrounded by gold glitter with a black background. Beau  

Teddy Bear Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

Red teddy bear holding a heart and smiling, ideal live wallpaper for girls and women who love teddy  

Love Live Wallpaper  


This love phone background presents red hearts and is a perfect choice for all girls and women, espe  

Pixel 2 Live Wallpaper  


Blue square pixels collide with each other in a hectic movement. It gives a notion of 3D. Perfect mi  

Pixel Art Live Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

This cool phone background is a colorful slideshow of pixelated images, crossfading with a 5 seconds  

Dancing Girl Live Wallpaper  


This cool dark background presents a fit girl dancing in the mysterious blue light somewhere in the