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Broly Ultra Instinct Live Wallpaper

  • works even on older devices
  • supports images, videos and gifs
  • supports a number of filters like blur, sepia, brighten, darken and more
  • no interaction on tapping
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Broly - a powerful Saiyan with the 'ultra instinct' aura surrounding him. Awesome animation for all true Dragon Ball fans - ready to be installed on your Android smartphone!

Broly is a supervillain born with a power level equal to 10,000, a power level much greater than most elite Saiyan warriors. This character is mentally unstable due to the crying of the infant in the incubator next to him when they were born, partially due to some threatening events pertaining to his birth date, and partially because of his high power level. He eventually becomes the "Legendary Super Saiyan", although his destructive tendencies are quelled by a special control device created by scientists for his father.

Bring Hero Ultra Instinct Live Wallpaper to your phone! Customize your homescreen with other cartoon. Meet many more super heroes ready to take over your mobile!

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