Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Anime Hero in Sepia Live Wallpaper  


From a pretty neat collection of Android live wallpapers, you can choose this version which is by de  

FBI OPEN UP Live Wallpaper  


Minimalistic live wallpaper featuring a lady in a formal uniform with an FBI badge on her jacket. Th  

Kirby Live Wallpaper  


This awesome phone wallpaper features cartoon Kirby, a fictional character of the Kirby game series.  

Holy Spirit Live Wallpaper  


White pigeon flying above brown leaves, surrounded by gold glitter. An elegant vertical wallpaper fo  

Yin Yang Live Wallpaper  


A pretty phone wallpaper presenting the Yin & Yang symbol with a gold glitter background. In Chi  

White Pigeon Wallpaper  


White pigeon flying in slow motion. Did you know that the pigeon was used in both World War I and II  

Christmas Snow Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

A cone wearing a red and white Santa hat, partially covered with snow. Grab a piece of Christmas for  

Cute Christmas Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

A miniature of Santa Claus standing on a tree branch, holding presents. Were you good enough during  

Christmas Snowman Wallpaper  

Holiday / Festival  

Cute, little snowman wearing a red scarf and a black hat. He is smiling widely and sending positive  

Lone Wolf Wallpaper  


Fantastic hunter which lives in forests of far lands. Red and white fur suggest it's a natural kille  

Snowy Mountain Background  

Nature / Landscape  

Gorgeous nature view of high mountains covered with snow. Forest consists of green trees in the back  

Tree on Icy Background  

Nature / Landscape  

Enter the snowy plains. A lonely tree is featured in the foreground. You can't see its leaves. It's