Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Devilish Clown Live Wallpaper  


Devilish Clown Live Wallpaper contains a fantastic animation of this mad character. Cartoonish look  

Anime Heroes Live Wallpaper  


Psychedelic live wallpaper compilation of anime heroes. Quickly transitioning faces can make you fee  

Epileptic Eyes Live Wallpaper  


Beware epilepsy! This crazy live wallpaper blinks and switches multiple colors quickly. It's the bes  

Psychedelic Spider Wallpaper  


This is a flashing colorful animated psychedelic-style wallpaper. Recommended for those who don't li  

Spooky Doll Background  


Photo of a kachina doll that has been animated and turned into a spooky background. Flashing and col