Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Manga God Live Wallpaper  


This hero's God form has similar aspects to Legendary Super Saiyan, with both increased bulk and tin  

Lúcio EQ Live Wallpaper  


Lúcio's frog spray video game live wallpaper. Lúcio is one of the heroes in Overwatch. He is an in  

Atzuma LSS3 Ultra Instinct Wallpaper  


Atzuma Dragon Ball character with animated hair and green aura surrounding him, similar to Goku ultr  

Northern Lights Live Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Two men sitting on the ice, looking at the beautiful landscape with snowy hills and aurora in the sk  

Moon and Tree Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Enjoy this unnatural empty space where only a single tree grows. Moon casts weak light on endless gr  

Water Falling Live Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Peaceful, relaxing place in the middle of a forest. Small waterfall, calm river and green trees. Hug  

Lime Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

A lime in a glass of pure water. Animation in this fruit wallpaper presents air bubbles moving up. T  

Cool Cat Wallpaper  


Sweet kitty climbing a tree. Cat's fur moves as the wind blows. Perfect mobile background for all ca  

Red Green Abstract Background  


An animated rotating abstract red and green background. Adds some color to your Android phone screen  

Green Purple Abstract Background  


A sparkling, wavy, animated minimalist phone wallpaper made to resemble waves of water. This origina  

Geometric Pattern Wallpaper  


Please yourself by watching our artistic wallpaper live on your Android phone. Let your eyes feel a  

Country Windmill Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Have you seen a real grain windmill? It's unlike modern ones placed to generate electricity. Pay att