Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Epileptic Eyes Live Wallpaper  


Beware epilepsy! This crazy live wallpaper blinks and switches multiple colors quickly. It's the bes  

Bright Flashy Background  


Add some color and life to your dull Android screen with this lively wallpaper featuring a strobe li  

Light Glitch Background  


Are you a party animal waiting for Saturday evenings? This flashing, digitally glitched video of a s  

Spooky Doll Background  


Photo of a kachina doll that has been animated and turned into a spooky background. Flashing and col  

Cool Lights in Dark Background  


This is a video of a strobe light at a party that can wear your Android phone's screen in a bright,  

Sports Car  


The unusual thing about this live wallpaper is a futuristic background composed with a car from our