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Anime Hero in Sepia Live Wallpaper  


From a pretty neat collection of Android live wallpapers, you can choose this version which is by de  

Furious Anime Hero Live Wallpaper  


Enjoy the moment of energetic attack prepared by this high level hero! The famous anime character go  

Anime Warrior Live Wallpaper  


Despite having spent most of his life unaware of his origins as an alien rather than a demon and sho  

Anime Lady Heroine Live Wallpaper  


Initially, the heroine is a tough, tomboyish character, raised with fame all around her. She's feist  

Majestic Anime Hero Live Wallpaper  


The hero is the resulting fusion of two others when they perform the Fusion Dance properly. His voic  

Anime Demon Wallpaper  


The demon is accompanied by his martial arts teacher and attendant. The god is powerful, yet lazy an  

Anime Heroes Live Wallpaper  


Personalize your Android homescreen and lockscreen with this awesome phone wallpaper for free! Meet  

Rycon Live Wallpaper  


Rycon is a god of destruction of Saiyan origins. He is the main student of the original saiyan, Ardo  

Manga Hero Live Wallpaper  


Decorate your Android homescreen with this perfect anime cell wallpaper featuring hero charging up k  

Ultra Anime Hero Live Wallpaper  


What an impressive look of San super hero captured as an awesome phone wallpaper! The transformed ch  

Black Anime Hero Live Wallpaper  


Feel thrilled by this amazing phone wallpaper for Android! A compilation of scenes taken from variou  

FBI OPEN UP Live Wallpaper  


Minimalistic live wallpaper featuring a lady in a formal uniform with an FBI badge on her jacket. Th