Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

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Cat Phone Wallpaper  


Closeup of a cat face. The cat is calm, staring in front of him with green eyes. The orange fur is s  

Water Falling Live Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Peaceful, relaxing place in the middle of a forest. Small waterfall, calm river and green trees. Hug  

American Eagle Wallpaper  


Noble bald eagle catching fish. The eagle has prepared its claws to get the prey. White fur on head  

Gold Glitter Wallpaper  


A pastel, bright-colored background with gold sparkles over it. It will be a great companion for all  

Lanzarote Island Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Live wallpaper presenting the shore and one of the villages on Lanzarote island. Unique environment  

Sea Turtle Wallpaper  


Giant turtle drifting in the ocean. Beautiful paradise landscape from the top, clear water makes it  

Strawberry Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Juicy, red strawberry hitting the ground and splashing water all around. Animated water gives the un  

Spinning Circle Wallpaper  


A flashing multi-colored ball spinning non-stop adding color and life to your Android screen. This m  

Lime Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

A lime in a glass of pure water. Animation in this fruit wallpaper presents air bubbles moving up. T  

Skyscraper Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Cool phone background presenting a view of the sky and the top of skyscrapers. Clouds are passing by  

Cool Cat Wallpaper  


Sweet kitty climbing a tree. Cat's fur moves as the wind blows. Perfect mobile background for all ca  

Smiling Girl Wallpaper  


A really cool background presenting a pretty girl carrying two tubes from which colorful smoke is co