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Stranger Things is an American television web series created by the Duffer Brothers and released on Netflix. Falling in the genre of science fiction, fantasy and horror this show has captivated the attention of viewers all over the globe and has also managed to score a whopping 93% rotten tomatoes rating which we all know is no easy feat. As of yet, Stranger Things has 3 released seasons with a 4th one due to be released soon.

Is Stranger Things scary? Is it for kids?

The series is considered not for kids. It contains moderately violent scenes, lots of punching and shooting, a lot of characters die. Stranger Things is known for suddenly escalating violence and gore to an R. There are quite many frightening and intense scenes that may force you to cover your kid's eyes. Also the final episodes of every season intensify the suspense.

Where does Stranger Things take place? Is it based on a true story?

Stranger Things is set up in 1983 in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It begins with the vanishing of a young boy Will Byers that leads to search by his family, friends, and local authority and in the process, astonishing mysteries are unfolded involving supernatural forces, top-secret government experiments, and a small strange girl. 

Stranger Things may include some realistic events and places where secret government and military laboratories perform their experiments but supernatural factors should not be considered facts.

Stranger Things Cast

Stranger Things has an incredible cast that gives life to the strong storyline of the show.

Joyce Byers

One of the main protagonists of the show is the fictional character Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder. Joyce is a single mother of two boys Will and Jonathan Byers, She works as a retail clerk and often struggles to make ends meet and often relies on financial help form her first son Jonathan.

A Leo by birth, Joyce proves that she is as fierce, ambitious and loyal as they come when she starts the search for her son and despite everyone telling her that she is going through a mental breakdown she refuses to let go of her intuition that her son Will is trying to contact her and even when everyone thinks Will is dead she is the one who refuses to accept that and still does not give up on her quest to find her son for whom she even goes to the realm of upside down in order to rescue him.

She proves herself as a brave woman who will go to any lengths for the sake of her family, with or without the support of others. 


Another main protagonist of the series is Eleven, Portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown. Eleven is a fictional character of a young girl who was kidnapped at a very young age and raised in the Hawkins National Laboratory where she was a test subject due to her inherited psychokinetic abilities. Eleven escaped the laboratory at the beginning of season 1 but can still be seen fighting through the flashbacks of the torture she went through while in the lab.

Finding herself into the spotlight when she meets Will’s friends who think that Eleven can help them get the answers that they need to help their friend Will, Eleven is seen struggling to decide on who to trust and who should she be aware of leading to her character being skeptical towards new people and even sometimes hostile.

Eleven eventually learns to make friends and control her abilities for the best of use such as the searching and rescuing Will Byers. Pisces by birth, Eleven falls true to the traits of hypersensitivity and elusiveness most commonly associated with Pisces. Also letting her emotions get the best of her and turn into a turmoil when in the state of anger.

Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper is another major fictional character in Stranger Things. He is played by David Harbour. Hopper is the chief police officer of the peaceful small town of Hawkins where rarely anything even remotely investigation worthy happened.

Struggling with the painful past of losing his daughter and family life, Hopper is shown as a heartless, arrogant police officer who is not loyal to his job. Hopper is a womanizer and has a serious drinking problem.

True to his zodiac, Aries, Hopper’s impulsive and fiercely daring behavior is seen throughout the series. Hopper’s character goes through major character development throughout the series from being a man who finds it difficult almost impossible to form connections with others to a man who forms a loving father-daughter relationship with Eleven and eventually adopts her. 

Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler, another protagonist of the show is the character of a young boy whose best friend Will suddenly disappears one night and Mike finds himself entangled in the circle of what happened to his best friend and how to bring him back.

Mike is portrayed by Finn Wolfhard and is a Capricorn. Mike is shown as a much-needed optimist in the show who is morally very compassionate and extremely loyal to his friends. He is also shown as a creative thinker and emotionally open, which leads to him being more accepting of the explanations of the disappearance case of his friend Will, even though they seemed superficial or just a fantasy.

Mike’s character is seen struggling to decipher his newfound feelings for the new mystery girl, Eleven.

Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove is a main character and a secondary antagonist of Stranger Things. Portrayed by Dacre Montgomery. Billy’s character is a very complex one, with troubled and abusive childhood after the early death of his mother to the tough macho exterior that his present self symbolizes.

Billy is shown as wicked, anger-prone and a bully, especially to those closest to him. Throughout the series Billy is seen trying to maintain his image and reputation of a tough, emotionless guy who is very selfish but the show eventually unfolds to show his character as one of emotions with the tears he shed after his father’s hostile attitude towards him or the happy and fun-loving nature of his as a kid that got shown when Eleven went into his memories.

Billy is a Scorpio and his powerful character that intimated most people and his ability to brilliantly transform his characteristics proved true to his zodiac.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler, portrayed by Natalie Dyer is another main character of the show. An exceptionally bright and hyper-intelligent student with a strong work ethic, Nancy finds herself straying away from work and instead of doing rebellious things such as going on secret dates and lying to her parents after she starts dating Steve.

However, her teenage life trouble increased tenfold when she finds her best friend Barb to have suddenly disappeared and started blaming herself for her disappearance. Throughout the show, due to her sensitive and sympathetic nature, Nancy is seen struggling with her emotions of guilt for the disappearance of Barb and her feelings towards Steve.

It is with her astonishing investigative strategies and intelligence that she tries to solve the mystery of Hawking’s lab and her friend’s case. Her hardworking nature and alertness for the surrounding is what makes her a true Virgo.

Will Byers

Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp, is the first of the characters to mysteriously disappear in the show and his investigation is what leads to the unfolding of many discoveries that the once peaceful town of Hawkins would have never imagined witnessing.

Will is a soft-spoken and honest person. He is very intelligent for his age and especially enthusiastic about science. He is shown to be close to his family, friends, and teachers. He has a very creative mind and is shown to be interested in creative writing and arts, leading to him being bullied by his schoolmates for being a nerd.

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Will acted as a very responsible person throughout the series with him always putting others before him and caring for their safety more. However, his character was sometimes seen to struggle with the different treatment that he got from his peers and family after his abduction. Will is a Libra and his polite nature and his constant struggle to seek justice and maintain harmony throughout the show proved that. 

Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo, is a major protagonist in the first three seasons of Stranger Things. Dustin is a character that can easily be called the light of the show as his character comes loaded with entertainment.

His ever clumsy nature or his goofiness or even the simple way that he speaks due to his braces is what brings a smile to the viewers' faces. Dustin is also one of Will’s best friends and he was the one to maintain calm and maintain unity in the group by resolving conflicts.

He is also a very good observer and his level headed approach led to him being a negotiator between the open-minded Mike and the skeptical Lucas when it came to solving the case of Will’s disappearance. Dustin is Cancer and his zodiac might explain his sweetness and his ability to make others smile. 

Barbara Holland

Barbara Holland or Barb is a recurring character of Season 1. Her character is that of a sweet, cautious girl. More like a goody-two-shoes who follows the rules and tries to steer away from danger.

Her character can also be seen to be very loyal as she goes to chaperon her best friend Nancy Wheeler even though she didn’t approve of her idea to go out with Steve. 

Which Stranger Things character am I?

Out of all the characters, I relate the most with Dustin due to his curious and adventurous persona. He also shows to remain calm when everyone is panicking and bring level-headedness to the table in such situations.

He is also very loyal to his friends and proves that even in very serious situations one should not let go of the child within and this is something I can truly relate to. Dustin is also the mediator of his friend group and can be called the Mom of the group which is another trait of his that I can relate with.

And which Stranger Things character are you?