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Why and how Christmas is celebrated around the world?


As we have entered into the month of December, your mail would be full of events invitation and your brain may wander to Christmas preparation you need to make. You can definitely already sense the happiness of Christmas, can smell the mouth-watering dishes getting prepared and can hear the jingle of the bells all around you. But what exactly is Christmas and why do we celebrate it? Let's dig in deeper and broaden our perception!

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Why Christmas is celebrated?

Jesus Christ, also known as the Son of God was born in Bethlehem, hence, to praise his arrival Christians celebrate Christmas. According to an ancient Christian tradition, Mary was notified by an angel that she would soon get good news and would be blessed by a very special baby. As the angel claimed the baby to be the good news and good news is meant to be celebrated, thus the believers solemnize this day with immense energy and excitement. Moreover, the angel told Mary that Jesus' birth would bring great joy to all the people, so the believers make sure to celebrate the day in a very joyful manner.

Jesus holds immense significance in Christianity as he was known as the Savior who curtailed them from doing wrong, he was also recognized as the Messiah the one who obeyed all the commands of God and his prophets, and lastly, he was perceived as the Lord; God has been born in the form of the human body. Therefore, the arrival of such a valuable person should be celebrated with great involvement and passion.

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But the question arises was Jesus Christ really born on 25th December? Nowhere in the Bible, his exact date of birth is mentioned. In early times, Christmas was not celebrated at all, in fact in America until the 19th-century festival of Christmas was not widely commemorated. The huge festive started when a federal holiday was given in the year 1870. However, there are many controversies about why 25th December is the date chosen.

Some claim that Pope Julius 1, is allegedly credible for selecting December 25 as the day of the Christmas festival. While some believers have their theory that Mary was notified by an angel about the arrival of a very special baby on 25th March, hence, after a period of 9 months which is 25th December, baby Jesus was born. Few individuals assume that Winter solstice and the ancient pagan Roman midwinter festivals called Saturnalia and Dies Natalis Solis Invicti took place in dates near to 25th December, thus Church chose December 25th a day to celebrate Christmas.

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While many individuals declare that Jesus was not born during winter but in spring or autumn season as shepherd and sheep can be found during autumn or spring season, not during winters. Shepherd is repeatedly mentioned in several places in the bible while telling believers about the arrival of Jesus. After so many theories and debates, the date when Jesus was born is still unidentified.

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Where is the word Christmas originated from?

The Mass service, also known as Communion and Eucharist, is a sacred place for Christian followers as according to believers, Mass service is the area where Jesus Christ died for his followers and is the same location where Christ was reborn. The Christ-Mass service was the only one that was permitted to happen after sunset and before the next sunrise. Hence, leaving back people with only the Midnight. This is the incident that bought the name Christ-Mass, which was then reduced to Christmas.

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How Christmas is celebrated throughout the world?

Every country solemnizes Christmas differently, according to their own culture and tradition. Let's take a look at how various countries celebrate Christmas all around the world.


Christmas in Australia occurs during the summer season when children are on their summer break. Due to hot weather, residents often plan to go camping, have a barbeque at the beach, or enjoy the famous Yacht race from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania with their family. The locals like to decorate their front door by hanging wreaths, they beautify their gardens and houses with Christmas trees and lights, especially with Poinsettia plants and Christmas Bush, which is a famous native Australian tree.

Carols by candlelight is an activity where residents gather together at nighttime to light the candles and sing Christmas songs, even the popular Australian singers like The Wiggles, John Farnham, Anthony Warlow, Colin Gery, Niki Webster, etc take part in the carol singing. Parades and sensational festivals take place in most of the towns and cities, with mesmerizing fireworks at several local parks.

In Australia, Santa travels in Kangaroo instead of reindeer, in slightly different clothes that are more suitable for the summer season.

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Having about one percent of Christian residing in the country, Christmas is celebrated only in main cities. Merry Christmas is called Sheng Dan Jieh in Mandarin, which means Holy Birth Festival while the Santa Claus is known as Sheng dan Lao ren, meaning old Christmas man. The locals decorate their house with a plastic Christmas tree and enhance it by adding paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns. They call the Christmas tree as The Tree of Light.

On Christmas Eve, it is a tradition to give out apples that are wrapped beautifully in colored papers. Some individuals prefer to do carol singing but are not familiar with many Christmas songs, the only song they know is Jingle Bells. Visiting Midnight Mass Service is gaining significance and popularity among the Christians in China.

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In England, the Christmas celebration initiates from early December. Individuals are done with decorating their homes with Christmas trees, lights and decorative bushes on the front door by 24th December. Santa is known for distributing gifts only to the kids who are in his Good list and kids believe that Santa drops down their gift via their home chimneys. Usually, children would leave out a mince pie and a biscuit, that is soaked in beer and whiskey.

Christians in England have a tradition to visit Church every day, attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and lastly, stop by Mass Service on Christmas morning. Turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy, stuffing, and Yorkshire puddings are normally prepared for the special Christmas Dinner. Every Christmas, at 3 pm, the queen delivers a speech which is then followed by recreational and rejuvenating activities and games.

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In French Merry Christmas is translated to Joyeux Noël. In France, people start commemorating Christmas from 5th December, this day is known as St. Nicholas Eve. However, huge gatherings are organized on Christmas Eve. The feast normally consists of turkey stuffed with chestnuts, goose, oysters, foie grad, and how can we forget the most special Révellion. A chocolate sponge cake log called a bûche de Noël is served as dessert.

Yule logs are burned in French homes that are prepared out of cherry woods. It is a tradition in France to leave out some food and drinks just in case the baby Jesus and Mary stop by in the night. Everywhere you can hear the church bells ringing and people singing carols in French, known as noels. Children write letters to Pére Noel (Santa Claus) and hang shoes by the fireplace with the hope that they would receive sweets and gifts by Pére Noel, in each shoe attached.

The places are decorated with cribs and crèches which comprises mainly biblical figures and may also include other random characters like a butcher, policeman, and baker. The figures are mostly made up of clay.

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You can feel the amusement of Christmas from 8th December onwards. Here it is a tradition to go to Midnight Mass, La Misa Del Gallo which means the mass of rooster. Before Christmas Eve which is also known as Nochebuena, children often take part in piden el aguinaldo where they visit and sing carols around their neighbors expecting to get some money. After the Midnight Mass Service, people are found walking on the streets along with torches in their hands, playing guitars and thumping on drums, as according to the Christians in Spain that night is not meant for sleeping.

An incredible Christmas dinner is organized, where it is a must to have traditional Pavo Trufado de Navidad which is Turkey stuffed with truffles or Pularda asada (a roasted young hen). In North-west Spain, people love to eat seafood items on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Mazapán (prepared of almonds, sugar, and eggs), turrón (composed of honey and toasted almonds), and polvorones (created of flour, butter, and sugar) are the special dessert dishes prepared by people in Spain.

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