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Halloween is coming on our Android Wallpapers

Oct 31 is a night of horror - Halloween. A symbol of this special holiday is a pumpkin with spooky faces that are hollowed out in it. These spherical vegetables are highlighted from the inside to look like a lantern.

During this unusual, dark and yet full of moonlight night everything may happen. Bats will fly over the sky and wolves with mysterious incarnation will bay at the moon.

You can come across interesting characters if you happen to walk outside... a bloody-eyed lady that hypnotizes with her gaze... a head of a skeleton that turned alive and decided to float around to make some living creatures scared... and beware a mighty monstrous werewolf with huge fangs that waits to catch the innocent.

And what kind of external cover will you have at Halloween? Who will you dress up for?

You never know who's going to knock your door... You'd better have some candies ready... What's you choice: treat or trick?

Turn your phone Halloween-ready by downloading one of our live wallpapers!