Awesome Phone Wallpapers for Android

Galaxy S8 Live Wallpapers

We're proud to announce that our live wallpapers are compatible with the newest Samsung flagship phone. Sleek body, slightly longitudinal shape, 5th generation Gorilla Glass and metal back - all of these make S8 look phenomenal, even brillant.

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Our free HD Android live wallpapers blend in phone's screen. It takes 83% of the front glass surface, has delicate, contoured folds and what's more it shines really good guaranteeing users higher than expected viewing angles even under the sun.

Now let's introduce each of presented in the video above live wallpapers more closely.

Galaxy S8 Wolf Live Wallpaper

Look at how many details the wolf live wallpaper presents on Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 Aurora Live Wallpaper

If you ever wanted to own a telescope then this aurora live wallpaper will be a perfect fit for your Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 Paradise House Live Wallpaper

To materialize your dreams about living in a cosy hut on some tropical island install this paradise live wallpaper on your Galaxy S8 home screen.

These are just a small sample. If you don't find them interesting browse some of the best live wallpapers for Android.