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Celebrate Earth Day with Android wallpapers

April 22 is International Earth Day!

Our Earth consists of many elements that could be mentioned a lot: - plants producing oxygen and acting as an air filter, - animals that are inherent friends of humans but also wild and dangerous creatures - nature which is a sum of various breath-taking countrysides and amazing sights.

Thanks to them we travel so willingly to discover the unknown.

And people.

What kind of man are you on Earth? Do you know that you have huge impact on what surrounds you? It doesn't matter what part of the globe you are from. It's important to take care of a piece of Earth you live in. We can do a lot of good together! ♁

Pick up a natural live wallpaper! Share it with your friend and remind her it's Earth Day 🌎. Make her take care of our mutual ecosystem and our beloved Earth! 💚