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AdMob Revenue with Plotagraph and

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So you'd like to make some money online? We wanted too. And we discovered a nice and easy way to help our bugdet! We took an effort to create a service to glue the gap between creating a perfect looping video on Plotagraph and publishing it on Google Play in the form of Android Live Wallpaper with your unique AdMob ID that will provide you the income!

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The process looks as follows:

  1. Download HD photos from Pixabay. Crop them to portrait mode (smartphone aspect ratio).
  2. Use Plotagraph to animate pictures. Download it as .mp4.
  3. Generate a live wallpaper from your .mp4, provide app details and your Google AdMob ID. Download your live wallpaper .apk file.
  4. Upload your live wallpaper .apk file to Google Play along with app title, description, icon, screenshots. Publish your app so everyone worldwide can download it!
  5. Count your profits! Repeat steps. You can check how many people have downloaded your live wallpaper via Google Play developer console and how much you've earned via Google AdMob publisher website. Repeat steps to upload more live wallpapers. Optimize app titles and descriptions - focus on popular keywords so your live wallpapers will be visible to more people.