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How to allow installation of non-Market apps

Before you enjoy live wallpapers hosted on our site, we'd like you to have a seamless experience of downloading them.

There is a dedicated section on Android Developers page that deals with it.

Android OS treats 3rd-party sites hosting apps as untrusted.

Our apps don't do anything harmful. On the contrary, we provide you with a page that describes features used in our live wallpapers. We have a number of apps published in the official Play Store. You can think of the others not placed there as being special because we wanted to reward visitors of our site with extra apps.

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You're going to take a look at a Settings > Security screen.

First, open Settings:

Android Settings Screen

Then proceed to Security:

Android Security Settings Screen

If you opted-in for Unknown sources before then you're done.

Otherwise please check it:

Unknown Sources Prompt

If you didn't do this prior to downloading our app you would be presented with a similar screen:

Unknown Source Install Blocked

and your device wouldn't trigger an immediate installation screen for the app. That means you would have to look for the app file manually on your device's storage. It's not a pleasant job as some Android devices don't have a proper file manager :)

Now that your settings are adjusted you can check out our non-Market live wallpapers!