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How it works

Notice: This website feature is currently unavailable. We implemented choosing an mp4 file as a live wallpaper from within our live wallpaper app. Check it out! We're working on some other great features so stay tuned!

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This page will lead you in creation of your first live wallpaper app. Although this tutorial shows screenshots from a desktop OS, also works in mobile browsers.

Say, you have such a nice GIF file of a frog:

OS preview of source file with animated frog

Note: The source file should have higher height than width. We're targeting phones so to display a wallpaper properly it needs to be rectangular, perfectly 480px wide and 800px high but that's not a requirement. Of course, the workflow when you have an MP4 is identical as outlined on this page.

On Landing Page click choose file:

Step #1 of create form on

Next let's look for our frog file in a select modal window:

Choose file modal window on desktop OS

After selecting a source file we need to enter a few details about it and a final app:

Step #2 of create form on

Last step on the form is for entering your AdMob ad unit ID. If you don't have one but you'd like to start earning, follow our AdMob Guide. If you'd rather skip this step, select 'I don't have AdMob account':

Step #3 of create form on

If everything is fulfilled then a submit button will activate. You can review your choices now and click the button for upload to start.

When your upload has succeeded you'll be presented with a Status Page of your app:

Status Page of undone Frog Live Wallpaper app on

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You can monitor when your app will be ready and you can download it from here.

As soon as your app is ready the Status Page shows a button to download the app:

Status Page of done Frog Live Wallpaper app on

Note: It's important to note that this page is intended solely for you and this download button should be considered private. When your app passes our approval process it'll be available publicly on a separate page in our live wallpaper gallery.

Let's click download button. After short period of time you should be able to find your app in a Download folder where your browser is configured to save files:

Downloaded Frog Live Wallpaper app shown in desktop filesystem

On Android system it can look like that:

Downloaded Frog Live Wallpaper app shown in mobile filesystem

Now having the app on Android phone you can tap on it to begin installation:

Frog Live Wallpaper app install screen on Android OS

When installation completes let's open the app. You'll be presented with this screen:

Initial screen in Frog Live Wallpaper app with Set button inactive

Notice a progress bar. It's there to indicate that an interstitial ad will be displayed. This ad will be similar to this one:

Intersitial ad shown in Frog Live Wallpaper app

After you dismiss it you'll back in the app and progress bar is gone. A 'Set' button is revealed. Click it:

Frog Live Wallpaper app screen with Set button active

Next screen is for previewing the wallpaper in its whole glory. Tap a button at the bottom of the screen to set wallpaper on your phone:

Frog Live Wallpaper app wallpaper preview screen

Hey, you're done! You can now enjoy live wallpaper!

Frog Live Wallpaper app set on Android mobile

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