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Animated Mozart Wallpaper


Calming Summer Background  

Nature / Landscape  

Perfect landscape to spend your holidays! Set off on a journey with a yacht on a lake and relax. Red  

Misty Mountains Wallpaper  

Nature / Landscape  

Beautiful mountains view with white flowers in the foreground. Late afternoon hours affected the pos  

Purple Galaxy Wallpaper  

Science Fiction  

Purple ribbon divides the space in two as it crosses it from the bottom to the top in the far distan  

Mesmerizing Skull Live Wallpaper  


Skull wallpaper for Android smartphone. Be cool and grab it now!  

Lion King Wallpaper  


Take a closer look at the king. It's not an ordinary lion. This one came from another world! Its cal  

Night Sky Background  

Nature / Landscape  

This black and blue background features a cool night scene, with dreamy blue color, sparkling and sh  

Face Glitch Wallpaper  

Science Fiction  

Robot face live wallpaper is a science fiction wallpaper with a cool 3d effect. This app works with  

Bubbles Background  


An animated abstract work of art for your Android screen. You'll be amazed by how the delicate, past  

Vibrant Kaleidoscope Wallpaper  


A vibrant kaleidoscopic abstract image that changes color adding a vibrant touch to your Android scr  

Bright Flashy Background  


Add some color and life to your dull Android screen with this lively wallpaper featuring a strobe li  

Tropical Fish Background  

Nature / Landscape  

An underwater scene captured live for your Android screen. Your portable Android version of a virtua