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What does Kylo Ren have in common with this fluffy dog?

Have you already started a countdown to the film whose popularity spread across all the globe? has!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Do you remeber these words? Yes, it is about the best movie series ever Star Wars! The newest part, 'The Last Jedi', is around the corner. The world presented in it is a real cosmos... Unthinkable things in our times take place there. Scenes out of our planet, unusual characters, fantastic aircrafts, elegant weapon - lightsabers. Oh, and don't forget magic, horror, intangible mythical elements that create the background for events.

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Now we'd like to confront a nice little dog with a super hero that serves the Empire. What do they have in common? Of course the Force. If you pay closer attention to the plush you know it can pass metal bars as if it's dematerializing - now that's a super power! Compare this to the Sith servant's handling objects remotely. The doggo is a clear winner!

What kind of face will Kylo Ren show this time? Who's gonna take the lead: Empire or Rebels? Will the eighth part of the saga, 'The Last Jedi', be nominated to the Oscar? We're gonna get to know soon...

And you, my dear friend, make an instant move to a galactic far away thanks to one of the best live wallpapers for Android.