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Everybody loves Taylor Swift and it’s easy to see why. Not only is she young and beautiful but she’s also a talented singer and songwriter. With seven best selling albums, six of which hit number one in the US upon release, and fifty million albums sold, there is no doubt to the talent of the four time Grammy award winning artist.

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Such huge success has allowed the stunning blonde to develop a huge following of adoring fans who hang on her every move and love to keep up to date with everything Taylor related.

Our app allows you to download Taylor related wallpaper’s directly to your Android device:

If like us you love looking at pictures of the talented Pennsylvanian native here are a few of our favourite gifs for you to look at:

Let's start with Taylor showing the love

If you prefer to see Taylor showing a little bit more attitude, there's a gif of her sassing it up

Or how about a gif of the famous Taylor eye roll

We all know Taylor has a lot of love for her loyal girl squad so there's a gif of her getting jiggy with a few of them

Who can forget the moment Kanye West gate crashed Taylors MTV award, way to keep your cool Taylor

Or, one of our personal favourites, a close up gif of Taylor looking stunning in a white dress

But no list of Taylor gifs would be complete without one showing the girl in action on stage

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