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Keanu Reeves Wallpapers

Keanu Reeves, a majorly recognized actor got his first breakthrough role in a dark adolescent film called the River’s Edge in 1986. Due to his amazing performance in this classic tale and a display of complete dramatic range the critics had him on their radar from the very beginning.

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But Reeves' first popular role was in Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure which not only brought him tremendous success and recognition but also made him an icon of the 80’s. This comic role was a turnover for Reeves, but soon to change his Ted stigma he signed a series of highbrow projects and became a high-budgeted action star.

Reeves took on many challenging roles and appeared in variety of genres over the ensuring decade. His roles are not limited to a specific character but he has done everything from the introspective art fare to action packed thrillers. Speed, A Walk in the Clouds and The Devil’s Advocate are a part of his successful era.

Reeves has also been a part of a sci-fi movie, the Matrix, which turned out to be a major blockbuster and a genre game changer for him. This international hit movie was known for its innovative fight scenes, gorgeous fashion and avant-garde special effects. In fact the second installed or the sequel of this movie, the Matrix Reloaded, was even a bigger financial hit as compare to the previous one.

Recent hits of Keanu Reeves include John Wick, John Wick chapter 2 and Destination Wedding.

Keanu Reeves is a master of all expressions and can mesmerize anyone with his remarkable performance. The handsome hunk can pull off any character whether young or old with class and style and can woo you with his charm. Some of his famous movie scenes are now available for your Android phones in form of gif wallpapers in our amazing app!

  • This is how you approve something in Keanu Reeves Style. This gif contains a funny yet charming look of Keanu Reeves. With this wallpaper on your screen you can impress anyone.
  • Keanu Reeves and his way of saying Thank You can move anyone’s heart. This gif on your wallpaper is a treat to anyone’s eyes.
  • All the Matrix fans out there, we have something for you too. This gif is a part of Keanu Reeves career’s one of biggest hit, the Matrix. The flying Keanu Reeves will add class to your phone and will make it stand out from the rest.
  • This gif contains a captivating image of Keanu Reeves from his movie the Matrix. This handsome face is full of innocence and charm. Even if you are not a Keanu Reeves fan you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with him after seeing this picture.
  • A dancing Keanu Reeves is what you need to look after a hectic day. This gif will light up your mood whenever you will look at it. Add this wallpaper to your phone and give it a new life.

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