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Are you tired of perceiving the ordinary boring wallpaper on your Android phones? Well, here at Wallpaper App Store for Android we have tremendous and creative live wallpapers, GIFs, and stickers to revive your phone with a new entertaining life. Make your home and lock screen more fascinating by showing your friends and family members cool GIFs and moving stickers.

We have an exceptionally cool collection of GIFs and stickers of your favorite actors, singers, and animated characters. Here we are going to discuss the amazing GIFs and stickers of several characters in the well-known online game Fortnite.

How many people play Fortnite?

Who isn't aware of the famous action-packed online video game, Fortnite. This thrilling game was developed by Epic Games in 2017. Within these few years, this game has gained so much fame and success that now around 125 million players, worldwide, are fighting against each other to become the last one standing.

How is the game divided into categories?

Fortnite: Save The World

It is a four-player game where all of them have to fight together against the zombie-like creatures. The background of the game is that the earth is going to experience a disastrous storm due to which 98% of the earth's population would disappear. The player is required to build shelters, collect essential resources, collect information on the upcoming storm or information regarding what can stop the storm from coming, defend other survivors, and fight against the zombies. The player is rewarded with hero characters, weapons and trap schematics, and survivors, improving the overall characteristics of the player. Basically, this game includes a fight between players and climate.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This is an online survival game where the player fights against another player in order to win. You must defeat other 99 online players to be the one standing till the last, hence winning. However, you can play this game in pairs or groups of three or four and all 2,3 or 4 of you can win the game. The game is played at a small Island where a storm keeps approaching, reducing the playing area, to keep all the participants within a restricted area, encouraging the players to discover each other. While hiding in the buildings and terrains, from being fired, you must collect all the resources, vehicles, and weapons like rifles, traps and grenade launchers to stay safe and to keep yourself alive. This game can be won within few minutes if played cleverly and strategically.

Fortnite Creative

Be creative and design your own island, battle arenas, racecourses, platforming challenges the way you like to construct them. Some of the most liked creations are used in the Battle Royale map in The Block section. Creative Hub exhibits featured creations.

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How much money does the game generate?

Battle Royale and Creative are accessible to Android and IOS users. Among these three different game modes, the Battle Royale gained huge fame in the shortest time span, which is earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month!!!

Fortnite characters

The attractive colorful animations along with new timely upgrades captivate the attention of teens and prevent them from getting bored. With any festival approaching, you can change the costumes of your character accordingly. Moreover, the Emote mode permits your avatar to dance in a cultural way. Lastly, the game can be played in pairs or groups of three or four, permitting the players to interact and communicate with each other through chatting or talking via headphones. Most importantly, the game is completely free you don't need to purchase characters or weapons by cash, all you need to do is win game coins and purchase all the stuff that you can!

Fortnite GIFs, memes, backgrounds for Android

Due to such fame and success of the game, we have collected some humorous GIFs and stickers to enhance the way you express yourself. Here are some of our favorite Fortnite GIFs which will definitely make you install our app :)

This cute brown dancing bear is the perfect way to express your happiness to your colleagues and family members.

You can not resist to send out the beloved Emote dancing GIF to your friends

Show your excitement by sending out this spooky yet funky skull man playing guitar. Your friends will not stop praising the GIF.

How can we forget the popular Hip Hop dance shown?

There can be no better way to say I'll make it than this

Celebrate your victory by sharing this victory dance


The list goes on and on! Look for some of #fortnite dance, #fortnite celeberation GIFs and stickers and make your phone screen look crazy by installing our app effortlessly. We promise to provide our users with high-quality images, GIFs, and stickers, improving the overall appearance of the device, making it stand out!