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Caller ID Feature

If our live wallpaper app informs you that it'll need access to directly call phone numbers, read phone status and identity and that it may cost you money, fear not. During live wallpaper installation, you may be presented with such a screen:

Fire & Water Live Wallpaper Install Screen

These are required for our Caller ID feature. It's an unobtrusive component that allows you to identify unknown number calls! Let us explain more.

After installation when you launch your newly obtained live wallpaper app it'll show you this message:

Wolf Live Wallpaper Caller ID Prompt

If you agree, Caller ID feature will be ready from now on! It works in the background even after you close live wallpaper app. On the first use it'll show such information:

Wolf Live Wallpaper Caller ID Message

It shows call information when you make or receive a call. If you opted-in for a Caller ID feature in Wolf Live Wallpaper it would enhance your incoming call screen:

Android Incoming Call Screen with Caller ID

Similarly, your completed call screen would look a bit different, giving you some helpful options and displaying an unobtrusive ad:

Android Completed Call Screen with Caller ID

Furthermore, our Caller ID feature complies with Google's Developer Policies and that's another reason you should try it!

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