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How to set up AdMob ad unit?

Tip: If you need more context on how works, just follow our step-by-step guide. Also, feel free to discover apps with AdMob integrated created by our users.

To begin, go to AdMob landing page. Then find and click Sign up to proceed.

Note: You can find more details about monetizing a new app in a relevant section of AdMob Help.

Now you may be presented with such a screen:

Standard Google Account Chooser screen

It means that you already have a Google account, be it in a service such as Gmail or the one tied to your Android device. Choose an account you'd like to log in to AdMob with.

Otherwise you'll have to create a new Google account. When you're done, please move to the next step.

AdMob account requires you to be signed up for AdSense and AdWords accounts. Fortunately Google provides a unified process of creating them, so to say on the way. Look at this screen:

Google detects user does not have AdSense and/or AdWords and provides help

Please continue by clicking to use the Google account you chose earlier.

On the next screen Google asks for some personal information required by AdSense service. You should provide only true data.

Fill in some data for AdSense during AdMob account creation

Choose Account type and enter your name and address and primary contact. After that, click Continue.

If you don't have an AdWords account now is the time to finish small setup before moving on. Choose your time zone and currency and click Continue.

AdWords setup screen during AdMob account creation

The fourth step ensures you have read and agree to AdMob program policies:

AdMob policies agreement screen

You can read them if you wish by following provided links. Finish this step by clicking Create AdMob account.

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Congratulations! You should be presented with AdMob welcome screen:

AdMob welcome screen

Take your time before moving on. When you're ready, click Get Started.

To monetize your live wallpapers you need to have an Ad Unit Id. Before you can get one, create a profile for your app. The trick is you can use one profile for all your live wallpapers. But nothing prevents you from creating new profiles for each live wallpaper you generate on

Let's start the setup:

AdMob monetize new app screen - select an app

You need to Add your app manually. Enter some app name meaningful to you and choose a platform - Android. Next click Add App.

On the following screen you choose ad format and name:

AdMob monetize new app screen - select ad format and name

The correct setup involves selecting Interstitial ad format and entering something into ad unit name. Ad type checkboxes and Frequency capping can be left as are. Click Save.

The third step allows you to link your AdMob apps to Firebase:

AdMob monetize new app screen - Firebase integration

Skip it.

Now you should have your very own ad unit ID. You're welcome! The relevant thing on this screen is text that starts with ca-app-pub- after Ad unit ID. Pay special attention to distinguish between App ID and Ad unit ID:

AdMob monetize new app screen - summary

Select everything including random sequence of numbers/letters until the last character in this line and copy it. Of course you'll be able to access this information whenever you log in to your AdMob account.